I have finished my first Twine style and it’s shared on the sidebar menu. I am working on my next one. I have worked out all of the kinks I can find. I’ve noticed some weird characters showing up in the demo, but this is due to my browser not displaying certain characters properly when exporting Twine code, so it should effect anyone else using the files.

I’m enjoying this project both because I’m quite fond of Twine, and because I like the challenge of trying to dive into and customize existing designs with minimal instruction.

On to the next one!


I have a few errands I’m supposed to be running at the moment, so naturally I’m doing Twine fiddling. I decided to use a mutator observer to apply randomized paints to the passages. I have this one mostly finished, there’s just a few kinks left.

I noticed that the fonts in the save menu are missing some characters? Or something? I will investigate as soon as I have gone to the store, washed the dishes, walked the dog, and cleaned the apartment.


I’m doing a lot of reading at the moment, but I’m also working on making Twine CSS/jQuery stuff. I’m going to make two different paint/canvas looking ones.


The paint blobs are randomized for each passage, and the passage is meant to look like a pile of papers. I’m not yet sure what I want to do with the Save/Load popup menu, and I don’t know what sort of secret extra stuff is in there that I haven’t covered yet. I’ll find out!

This was somewhat challenging, and I’m not sure if what I’ve done to get the randomization to work is a very good idea. Twine/SugarCube doesn’t load a new page every time there’s a new passage,¬†and Javascript detection of DOM changes is… not very good to use, I guess? I’m using set interval, instead.

Not Dead

I was out of town, visiting my sister and new nephew in Alberta. It was an exciting adventure and an opportunity to recharge. I’m breaking from Unity work to work on some more web design. I’m trying to make some generic stylesheet/jQuery snippets to dress up Twine games that are made with the SugarCube theme.


It will… not look like this when I am finished, but I need to mess with some background images to figure out the jQuery. I’d like to do two paint-themed designs and then I don’t know what else. I will probably return to Unity in another week, although classes are gearing up again soon and I need to re-learn all of my linear algebra because it’s been a while.