New School Year

So third year at Dal is starting and I have some exciting news: I have been hired as a research assistant for The Big Data Institute. I will be helping build a web application. I’m not sure how to convey how awesome this is.

I finished up at my co-op position at LR a week ago. I got to work on several cool desktop applications, mostly in C# and a bit of C++, and I developed a report about one of them. I learned a ton about UI development and a smaller ton about 3D graphics stuff.

I started a bit of a Javascript project on my own over the summer, but it’s not far along enough to be worth posting yet. I’d like to get into blogging more, particularly about web dev work since that’s what I’ll be doing a lot of this fall. I’m figuring out the ins and outs of using Solr and trying to decide on a php framework to save some headaches. Stay tuned.