Unity Assignment

I received a 100% on my assignment in my game design class, so I’m adding it to Github. A few of the models and textures were made by me. The rest came from online and are cited in the Readme. The scripts I wrote myself, with a few citations for tutorials.

New School Year

So third year at Dal is starting and I have some exciting news: I have been hired as a research assistant for The Big Data Institute. I will be helping build a web application. I’m not sure how to convey how awesome this is.

I finished up at my co-op position at LR a week ago. I got to work on several cool desktop applications, mostly in C# and a bit of C++, and I developed a report about one of them. I learned a ton about UI development and a smaller ton about 3D graphics stuff.

I started a bit of a Javascript project on my own over the summer, but it’s not far along enough to be worth posting yet. I’d like to get into blogging more, particularly about web dev work since that’s what I’ll be doing a lot of this fall. I’m figuring out the ins and outs of using Solr and trying to decide on a php framework to save some headaches. Stay tuned.


I’m working full time for the summer doing programming at a co-op position, so I only get a few hours a day to actually do personal projects, but I’m going to update as often as possible. So, what’s been going on?

I did really well in my Server Side Scripting class. I worked on a group project with two other very cool, talented students to make a microblogging site, which you can find on Github: Brainstorm. Not sure exactly what the mark was, because it was marked past the end of the semester, but the prof called it “The best one so far” during the presentation, so probably it was a good mark.

I also got to be part of a really cool Vaadin project in Software Engineering that one of the other group members has posted to Github here.

I uploaded a portion of my files from The Ceresean to Github as well. I want to get back into refining the character customizer scene I had going.

I made a neet Asteroids game and a sort of good 3D roller coaster simulation in OpenGL in my animation course. I haven’t added those to Github because a fair amount of the skeleton code was written by the prof in at least one so I’m not sure it’s a good idea.
I have videos on YouTube:
Roller Coaster

I’m brushing up on Python and trying to decide what sort of project to do with it once I’m thoroughly brushed. I still haven’t decided how to decorate this blog. Maybe I’ll add that to the list of stuff to do this summer. That’s all for now.


I’m doing a lot of reading at the moment, but I’m also working on making Twine CSS/jQuery stuff. I’m going to make two different paint/canvas looking ones.


The paint blobs are randomized for each passage, and the passage is meant to look like a pile of papers. I’m not yet sure what I want to do with the Save/Load popup menu, and I don’t know what sort of secret extra stuff is in there that I haven’t covered yet. I’ll find out!

This was somewhat challenging, and I’m not sure if what I’ve done to get the randomization to work is a very good idea. Twine/SugarCube doesn’t load a new page every time there’s a new passage, and Javascript detection of DOM changes is… not very good to use, I guess? I’m using set interval, instead.

Not Dead

I was out of town, visiting my sister and new nephew in Alberta. It was an exciting adventure and an opportunity to recharge. I’m breaking from Unity work to work on some more web design. I’m trying to make some generic stylesheet/jQuery snippets to dress up Twine games that are made with the SugarCube theme.


It will… not look like this when I am finished, but I need to mess with some background images to figure out the jQuery. I’d like to do two paint-themed designs and then I don’t know what else. I will probably return to Unity in another week, although classes are gearing up again soon and I need to re-learn all of my linear algebra because it’s been a while.


I have the personality and friendship points set up more or less ready to go. I need to add in the friends. I just add this script to buttons, set the points however I like, and then have the button call the function in the script to add them.

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 4.03.47 PM

What I’d like to do is figure out a way to keep track of the branching dialog a little better, because it’s going to get complicated. I suppose the Twine files already do that, but still.


I have something going for the opening scene. It’s pretty rough, but it works. I’m a big fan of Cinema Director, so I’m going to use that. I’m also considering buying a license for Affinity Designer for Mac rather than getting an Illustrator license. It looks like it does most of what I would want, although I don’t think it has the same cutting tools. I might miss those.

Progress: http://johnalatouf.com/testing/Intro.html

You’ll have to forgive my terrible dialog writing abilities. I also updated my version of Unity which caused some minor problems in the UI. I was able to sort them out, although things aren’t aligned as nicely as they were before. I figured I’d just leave it until I get to skinning it properly.

I changed body fonts from Minimal to Generica. This one is a little better, but it seems Unity really cuts up the kerning and thickness of these fonts. I might still change them later.

Character Customizer

So I’m learning Unity still. I spent the better part of this week and last modelling and setting up a customizable character. I used Make Human to generate a generic human model and then tweaked it to make the body and a few extra heads for testing. I also made a series of hairs. I feel like the look I have with a modified version of Unity’s standard specular shader is actually pretty close to the toonish/shiny look I am going for.

Unity’s UI system is pretty cool, but the layout functionality is going to take some getting used to. It’s not very friendly to just dragging and dropping stuff into the scene, as it’s designed to adjust for screen size differences. I also haven’t put much thought into the UI’s look, other than choosing a neat title font and a bunch of thoughts I haven’t mocked up yet.

So here is my customizable lady character. You can spin her around with your arrow keys. Everything else is selectable with a mouse.