Character Customizer

So I’m learning Unity still. I spent the better part of this week and last modelling and setting up a customizable character. I used Make Human to generate a generic human model and then tweaked it to make the body and a few extra heads for testing. I also made a series of hairs. I feel like the look I have with a modified version of Unity’s standard specular shader is actually pretty close to the toonish/shiny look I am going for.

Unity’s UI system is pretty cool, but the layout functionality is going to take some getting used to. It’s not very friendly to just dragging and dropping stuff into the scene, as it’s designed to adjust for screen size differences. I also haven’t put much thought into the UI’s look, other than choosing a neat title font and a bunch of thoughts I haven’t mocked up yet.

So here is my customizable lady character. You can spin her around with your arrow keys. Everything else is selectable with a mouse.