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I have spent the last few days doing Unity tutorials. I’m trying to do some annoying things with Unity’s RayCast that may or may not be possible. I’m trying to make a simple laser reflection game. A RayCast is emitted from a light source area and then when it hits another object it draws a line using LineRenderer to reflect from that object. Ideally, it should continue reflecting along objects that you can turn untilĀ it touches an end point.

I found a tutorial online that makes the RayCasts reflect on a set number of objects and then draws one long lineRenderer. This isn’t quite what I want, as I need to be able to adjust the number of reflections differently and I will need to use separate LineRenderers probably, but it’s a start. I am working towards getting the separate LineRenderers working, and then I’ll try and fit them into a loop of some sort. We’ll see.

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  1. Love this idea. One question: Did you use “twine” or “string”? Could you use ccrhoet thread instead? I have so much white ccrhoet thread on hand and can’t find string anywhere, not even in the hardware store! I’m going to give my way a try, but thanks for the idea!!

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