Splash Page and Continuing Unity

I updated the Splash page for my website, so now it displays both blogs. If I ever finish a comic, I’ll add comics to it as well.

My unity project now has a character creator and a basic conversation working. I’m rethinking my body font choice. It looks a little too thin in Unity, which is unfortunate, because it looks good in other media. You can move your player back and forth and direct with a mouse. When you enter the character’s space your player will stop moving and the character will turn to you and a conversation panel appears with a set of buttons.

Some issues:

  • I still can’t figure out why the hover isn’t working on the buttons. I suspect it has something to do with the ray cast, but I can’t see why. The ray cast that’s directing the player only detects things on one layer.
  • I need to model some proper background and see how it looks.
  • The outline on the shader is starting to do what I want, but it’s still in need of a great deal of tweaking. I removed the bit from the code that was making it stay the same width regardless of camera distance.
  • I really need to start designing the UI. It’s ugly and it bothers me.


I took a break from game work to update my portfolio and try my hand at a short comic. I’m back to working on The Ceresian.

I’ve got a character made and I’m trying to put together the interaction. I might need to use something from the asset store to set up cut scenes, but for now I’m trying to get some UI popups to happen when you enter a collider area.

I need to get into the habit of listing things I learn so that I can remember them:

  • Despite the Default layer in Unity being listed as layer 0, you have to set your layer mask to 1 to ensure your ray cast only hits things on the default layer.
  • Destroying things requires Destroy(object)
  • probably more stuff

And here’s today’s progress: http://johnalatouf.com/testing/Customizer3.html

To do:

  • Make outlines resize by distance from camera
  • Make UI look not garbage
  • Figure out cut scene conversations
  • make a background
  • Why aren’t the button highlights working? (this is probably some confusing ray cast problem caused by the player movement ray cast or something?)

Unity Raycasting Reflections

Okay, so, Unity is kind of a pain, but I did manage (with lots of help and the use of a pretty good tutorial here http://www.41post.com/4162/programming/unity-raycast-reflection) manage to put together something that I want.


There are still some bugs. For one thing, the way to select the mirrors is stupid right now, but that’s fixable. You have to click and remain hovering over them with the mouse, then spin them using the left and right keys. More concerning is the fact that when I have two beams hitting one mirror, the first reflection beam is replaced with the new reflection. It shouldn’t do this. I guess it should display both? I don’t know, that might just be annoying. I’ll think about it.

Still Here

I have spent the last few days doing Unity tutorials. I’m trying to do some annoying things with Unity’s RayCast that may or may not be possible. I’m trying to make a simple laser reflection game. A RayCast is emitted from a light source area and then when it hits another object it draws a line using LineRenderer to reflect from that object. Ideally, it should continue reflecting along objects that you can turn until it touches an end point.

I found a tutorial online that makes the RayCasts reflect on a set number of objects and then draws one long lineRenderer. This isn’t quite what I want, as I need to be able to adjust the number of reflections differently and I will need to use separate LineRenderers probably, but it’s a start. I am working towards getting the separate LineRenderers working, and then I’ll try and fit them into a loop of some sort. We’ll see.