I took a break from game work to update my portfolio and try my hand at a short comic. I’m back to working on The Ceresian.

I’ve got a character made and I’m trying to put together the interaction. I might need to use something from the asset store to set up cut scenes, but for now I’m trying to get some UI popups to happen when you enter a collider area.

I need to get into the habit of listing things I learn so that I can remember them:

  • Despite the Default layer in Unity being listed as layer 0, you have to set your layer mask to 1 to ensure your ray cast only hits things on the default layer.
  • Destroying things requires Destroy(object)
  • probably more stuff

And here’s today’s progress:

To do:

  • Make outlines resize by distance from camera
  • Make UI look not garbage
  • Figure out cut scene conversations
  • make a background
  • Why aren’t the button highlights working? (this is probably some confusing ray cast problem caused by the player movement ray cast or something?)